Lemon- Dill Tilapia Parchment Dinner

Tilapia gets a twist with lemon, dill, and parsley- you can even dust with smoked paprika for a bit of spice and pop of color! Dig into this parchment paper packet immediately after popping it out of the oven for a perfectly warm, flaky fish fillet!



- 4 (5-oz.) fresh tilapia fillets

1 teaspoon salt

-1/2 teaspoon pepper

- 2 lemons, sliced 

2 tablespoons fresh dill

-2 tablespoons fresh parsley

-2 tablespoons butter

-smoked paprika (optional)


Step 1: 

Cut parchment paper into 4 (13- x 9-inch) rectangles. Place 3 lemon slices  in center of 1 parchment rectangle. Top with 1 fillet. Repeat with remaining lemon slices, fillets, and parchment paper rectangles. Sprinkle fillets evenly with dill, parsley, and smoked paprika if using. Top each fillet with 1/2 Tbsp. butter. Fold 1 side of parchment paper over fillets; tuck excess parchment under fillets, pressing folds to form a crease.

Step 2:

Bake at 375° for 20 to 25 minutes or until fish flakes with a fork. Serve immediately. Pairs well with roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus for the perfect light, easy, and delicious meal!


Never boil a vegetable again...