A Day’s Worth of Parchment

When it comes to cooking with parchment paper, one might immediately think of the classic French technique of “en papillote” or perhaps as a protector of baking sheets in professional bakeries. However, Culinary Parchment is not just for the experts; it's for anyone who loves to cook – or loves to eat, for that matter. From cooking something as simple as bacon and eggs to preparing an elegant and sumptuous three-course meal, parchment really is for the everyday gourmet – and is easily an essential “mise en place” preparation assistant to any meal. 

“Parchment paper was an everyday thing when I was growing up and training to be a chef in France,” says Bertrand Alépée, chef at Amuse-Bouche in Toronto. “I was surprised how many people did not know about it in North America.”

Roasting vegetables in Culinary Parchment Cooking Bags at your next barbecue will not only enhance the natural flavors but will eliminate the unwanted scorching and sticking that’s infamous with aluminum foil. Wrapping your favorite filet of meat in parchment before cooking in the frying pan will seal in the juices and protect the outside from over-cooking – creating tender, mouth-watering results every time.

Parchment paper was an everyday thing when I was growing up and training to be a chef in France, I was surprised how many people did not know about it in North America.”

With its natural, golden color, Culinary Parchment is both functional and aesthetically pleasing when added to the presentation of everything from hors d’oeuvres, nachos and desserts. Or get a little creative and make a cone with Culinary Parchment and fill it with frites or popcorn.

“The thing I appreciate most about cooking in parchment is how flavors are intensified,” says Fabrice Morel, chef at Hostellerie du Périgord in Aubeterre, France. “You don’t have to over-season with herbs or marinade – a little goes a long way.”

Parchment enhances the already delicious flavors of your favorite foods, and prevents the need for synthetic cooking sprays and high-fat oils in otherwise healthy meals. And since parchment paper is biodegradable, you will not only be protecting the health of you and your family, but of the environment as well – an issue close to Chef Luis Valenzuela’s heart. “I believe it is time we return to cooking methods that are in tune with the earth and our bodies,” says Valenzuela, chef at Torito Tapas Bar in Toronto’s famous Kensington Market. “Parchment is something we use every day and the fact that it’s made in the greenest way possible and can be composted is something so important to my way of working and living.”

Allowing for easy preparation, healthier food, convenient clean-up and compostability, Culinary Parchment is the perfect kitchen companion. From hearty breakfasts through to after-dinner indulgences, spend some time experimenting, and take a few of PaperChef’s everyday recipes for a spin in the kitchen, and discover how easy it is to enjoy The Art of Cooking with Parchment.

Brunch: Tortilla Espanola


Spanish-Style Potato Brunch Omelet (Tortilla Española)

Nothing prepares you for the day better than a hearty brunch packed with an array of satisfying and scrumptious food – especially when it includes a traditional Spanish-style potato omelette. Lining the baking pan with Culinary Parchment Multipurpose Paper will make for easy clean-up so you have plenty of time for a Sunday afternoon siesta.



Chili Garlic Halibut

Folding the parchment paper into the perfect pouch for an “en papillote” dish can often be the most difficult part of the preparation. But Culinary Parchment Cooking Bags make this elegant dish easy to prepare. So why not try something a little different with this spicy fish dish – classic French cuisine infused with a Thai flare.


Dinner: Herb Mustard Chicken


Herb Mustard Chicken

Although simple to prepare, an “en papillote” dish will impress a table full of discerning dinner guests, and also makes the perfect single-serving, “mise en place” alternative to pre-packaged frozen meals. Opening the pouch to release the amplified aroma of the herbs, chicken and rich, creamy sauce is half the fun of this enduring classic combo.



Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies